Why Choose GCI

We strive to create the best and most innovative Lawn & Garden Products because this is our livelihood.

Business Philosophy

Ground Cover Industries continues to invest in state-of-the-art technology and equipment.  By doing this, GCI is able to consistently provide the most consistent and highest quality products available in the Lawn and Garden Industry.

Ground Cover Industries is ALWAYS there to stand behind our products 100%.  We know that for us to be successful with our products, YOU have to be successful with our products.   We have made a serious commitment to the Lawn, Garden and Irrigation Industries by upgrading the packaging on our products and by introducing new products as well as improving our existing products.

When I started Ground Cover Industries back in 1995,  I saw a need for a non-chemical, environmentally sound form of weed control.   Assisting Homeowners and Professional Landscapers in creating low-maintenance landscapes was our original goal and will always continue to be our goal.

We have put together a wide variety of fabrics and accessory products to enhance your landscape.  Our dedicated and talented team of professionals who work for GCI are driven by our success and our unshakable commitment to the industry.

Thank You for choosing Ground Cover Industries, Inc.


Steven P. Gambla